My Lord

I received your Lordps Letter abo & {are} the settling\& about &/\a settlemt of/\about the {illeg} {settled} of {illeg}ing/\about {illeg}{illeg} {curing} {illeg}ing/\about setting a settlement of the/ ye {sic}ye revenues of\wch will from time to time grow due to/ her Maties Mint at Edinburght {being} [so yt salaries & other expenses of the M{a}|in|t may be duely paid for ye future,] \And the same/ {{illeg}|b|}eing a th{illeg}|i|ng of consequence: I am h{{illeg}|um|}bly of opinion that ye properest method to get it {still} done\{illeg} {method} duly paid/\it done/ would be for {{illeg}|yor|} Lordp to lay a Memorial before my Lord H. Treasurer about it so soon as this Vacation time is over, & my\his/ Lp T{he} (who is now in the coun{illeg}|try|) returns to London to stay do business, wch may be {illeg}\about/ the end of October, or beginnin & I beleive that it may not be amiss for yor Lordp to service send the Memorial to the y{o}e Secretary of state & desire him to lay it before my\{illeg}/ L{illeg}|o|rd Treasurer in yor Lordps name. I am apt to think that the method used in the Mint in the Tower will be put in practise in\{illeg}/ your Mint {illeg} but there as soon as the arrears due from ye collectors & subcollectors can be got in\& the debts {now} present accounts of ye Mint be cleared/.\followed./ I am in all humbly

My Ld



Last s{illeg}|u|mmer the Officers of this Mint {last} made a report upon

My Lord

Soon after yor Lordp left London the Officers of this Mint made report to my Lord Treasurer upon the petition of {Th} the Queens Clerk for allowing him 60li for his pains in assisting the three Commrs in receiving the old money to be recoined. And finding a reference written upon the Moneyers petition (wch I was not aware of when I saw your Lordp last, We have made a report upon that \Petition/ also; the {illeg}\And {shall}//wch\ Report amounted only to this; that the summs of money for wch they petitioned, were due to them but not yet paid by reason that Mr Allardes had not yet received moneys from ye government sufficient for this purpose. And that of the 9d per pound weight wch was due to them for coinage, {illeg} eight pence was due from Mr Allardes out of his allowance, & one penny was {illeg} properly to be allowed by her Maty as is done in the Mint in ye Tower of London. {illeg} I do not yet know whe{{illeg}|t|}her these Reports have been yet laid before his Lordpmy Lord Treasurer, because {illeg} it is {now} \during this/ vacation time his Lordp is seldome in London. I am

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