Catalogue Entry: MINT00426

Correspondence relating to Edinburgh Mint funding.

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: MINT 19/3/164, National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, UK

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(a) [After 28 June 1709?] Newton to Seafield. Holograph draft. The London Mint officers have recommended a £60 bonus for Millar and payment of the Scottish commissioners' outstanding fees, but Newton does not know whether the Treasurer has seen their reports yet.

(b) [Summer 1709?] Newton [to Seafield?]. Holograph draft. Suggests the addressee should approach the Treasurer, ideally through the Secretary of State, as soon as the summer vacation is over, requesting clear directives about the settlement of finances at the Edinburgh Mint.


[Note on dating: NC, 7: 450, n.1 suggests summer 1707 or (less probably) 1708 for MINT00426(b). However, this draft is written underneath MINT00426(a), which is certainly later than 1 June 1709 (see note above). See also notes to MINT00427 (III.166).]

Document (a) printed in NC, 4: 539. The Mint's letter to the Treasury recommending a payment of £60, dated 1 June 1709, is in PRO, Mint 1/8, p. 156. [NC gives 1 June as the date of (a), but it is clearly later and probably a reply to MINT00425 (III.123).]

Document (b) printed in NC, 7: 449-50.

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