Edinburgh June 28th 1709


Mr. Allardice was in the Countrey when I came to this place which is the reason that he has not acknowledged the favour of your letter to him sooner, he is very sensible of the Iustice and assistance he has receaved from you, he will in all things submitt to your opinion, and hopes that you will continue to give him your advice, Mr. Scott, who is his Depute doth promise to send you a state of Mr Allardice accomptt very speedily and he thinks you will almost understand it by what is contained in the inclosed letter In the mean time the Barons of the Exchequer are stating the accomptts with the Collectors of the Bullion moneys and I beleeve that Fund will be very quickly cleared.

The Lords of the Privy Council of Scotland, appointed Robert Millar to be assisting to the Commissioners appointed for certifying the deficiencies upon the recoynages, and the Officers of the Mint tell me that he was at great pains in that matter, I doe presume to transmit his petition and Entreat you may lay it before my Lord Tresaurer or recommend it to his Lordship and <123v> I doe think he deserves fifty pounds for his pains, he is very glade to find that his affair which was formerly under my Lord Tresaurers consideration is referred to you and the other Officers of the Tower, he is a good Officer and a very honest man but is poor and this small sum will be a very great relieff to his Family    I am with great respect


Your most Humble and obedient



[1] Sir Isaac Newtone.

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