Catalogue Entry: THEM00060

Three bundles of notes for a work on the ancients' physico-theology, related to 'Theologiæ Gentilis Origines Philosophicæ'

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: Yahuda Ms. 17, National Library of Israel, Jerusalem, Israel

Custodial History

See notes to Yahuda Var. 1 Ms. 16 for the sale history of SL254.

Sotheby Lot

Part of SL254


Ms. 17.1

12 ff. of notes on ancient religions, related to Yahuda Var. 1 Ms. 41. Folio 5v has a reference to 'Ioannis Antiocheni Cognomenti Malala' [leg. 'Cognomento Malalæ'] (1691), giving a terminus a quo for this portion of the manuscript.

Ms. 17.2

31 ff. of notes related to, and in some cases drafts of, Theologiæ Gentilis. f. 20r begins identically to Yahuda Var. 1 Ms. 16.2 f. 1r, but this bundle appears to be prior in composition, giving a date in the 1680s. Very rough and heavily corrected up to f. 21; the remainder seems comparatively finished. f. 24 is almost entirely given over to notes on Humphrey Prideaux's Marmora Oxoniensa (1676). f. 28r has the heading 'Historica [sic] Deorum'. Two of the 31 numbered folios are blank; a further three unnumbered blank folios are interleaved between ff. 6 and 7, 27 and 28, and 28 and 29.

Ms. 17.3

15 ff. of notes, the sequence of which resembles the order of chapter headings in Yahuda Var. 1 Ms. 16.2, and that of the treatment (in English) of similar subjects in Yahuda Var. 1 Ms. 41.


This document is wrongly listed in Ch-H (p. 146) as part of SL246, but SL246 is now Yahuda Var. 1 Ms. 8.

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