Catalogue Entry: THEM00048

Theological notes

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: Yahuda Ms. 5, National Library of Israel, Jerusalem, Israel

Custodial History

SL236 was bought by William H. Robinson at the Sotheby sale for £10 and sold to Keynes on 18 August 1936 for the sale price plus 10%. After this it was exchanged, together with SL258 (Yahuda Var. 1 Ms. 23) and SL263 (Babson Ms. 434), for SL33 (Keynes Ms. 30) and SL72 (Keynes Ms. 44).

Sotheby Lot

SL236 and part of SL239


Ms. 5.1

Part of a work on Gospel chronology (post-1700), beginning missing, 8 ff. Includes two section headings:

f. 5r 'Sect. 4. De annis prædicationis Christi.'

f. 6r 'Sect. 5 Christum aut anno Tiberij decimo nono, A.C. 33, aut anno sequenti passum esse.'

Ms. 5.2

A continuation of 5.1 above but with new foliation (ff. 1-4).

Ms. 5.3

Notes out of various Church Fathers on the nature of the Trinity (late 1670s), incomplete, 20 ff.


In the Sotheby catalogue the lot is described as having 44 pp., but 4 leaves (Ms. 5.2?) were later added from SL239 (Yahuda Var. 1 Ms. 13). This perhaps explains why section 5.2, which clearly follows 5.1, has been catalogued as a separate item.

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