Charles R

Whereas Wee are informed that by reason of the often meeting of the Officers of our Mint about the Melting, recoyning, and delivering of the late Crosse and Harpe money, there hath bin a more then ordinary Expence made in Dyet, an allowance whereof cannot be given by the Auditors of our mint into the Warden upon his accounts, wihout our especiall Warrant (notwithstanding the same has bin done by our Command and in {order} to our Service) and whereas these may likewise speedily be occasion of more frequent meetings of our said Officers concerning the telling melting downe, assaying, coyning and delivering of our Treasury lately come from france our will and Pleasure is and Wee doe hereby require and authorize Sir Wm Parkhurst and Sir Ant: Sir Leger Knights Wardens of our Mint duely and from time to time to pay but Bills of charges for dyet and other extraordinary Expences in Relation to our service in the Mint as now are due o{r} here after shall be due & {deduct} unto them under the accountment of the Master Comptroller & assay master or any two of them the Matter alwaies to be one according to the powers graunted by us in the Indenture of the mint. And we doe hereby likewise command and authorize the Auditor of our mints for the time being to allow unto the said Wardens upon Accounts all such Bills for dyett and other Extraordinary expences accordingly and this shall be your warrant for so doing given at our Court at whitehall 13 day of Decr 1662

By his Majestys Command

{Hen: Benne.}


[1] To the Warden and
other officers of our

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