To the Right Honourable the Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer Lord High Treasurer of Great Brittain

May it please your Lordship

The Office of Gravers of the Mint being Constituted by a Warrant under the Broad Seal dated the 7th. of April in the 4th. year of Her Majesties Reign, whereby for the Advantage and safety of the Mint with respect to the Coin, Iohn Croker Gent, is appointed head Graver with a Salary of 200li per Ann and Samuel Bull and Gabriel Le Clerk Gent were made Assistants to the Cheif Graver, Each with a Salary of 80li per Ann, & upon the voidance of either of the said Assistants places the same was to be filled up with such Probationer or Apprentice as should be presented to her Majestie by the Warden, Master & Worker & Comptroller of the Mint, by Warrant under her Royal Signe manual. We humbly represent to your Lordship that the place of the said Gabriel Le Clerk became void about three Years ago, and thereupon, one Francis Berresford hath been learning about two years & halfe under the said Mr. Croker to design in order to Learne the art of Graveing & and is approved by the said Mr. Croker as well qualified in point of Genius and Industry to make a good Workman for which end We humbly pray Your Lordship that out of the said 80li per ann an Allowance may be settled upon the said Francis Beresford for binding him an Apprentice to the said Mr. Croker for six years. And We humbly propose an Allowance of 35li per Ann.

All which is most humbly submitted to your Lordships great Wisdome,


C.W. Peyton
Is. Newton
E: Phelipps

<155v> [2]

After my hearty Commendations, Having considered the aforegoing Report, & approving thereof, These are to authorize & require You, out of the Moneys that are or shall be Imprested to You, at the Receipt of Her Majestys Exchequer for the use and service of the Mint, to pay unto Iohn Croker, the Cheif Graver of the said Mint, or his assignes an allowance after the rate of Thirty five pounds per ann; for the Support, & Maintenance of Francis Berresford, and for his Care in Training him up, in the art and mistery of Graving; the said Francis Berresford being already bound, or being meant to be bound an Apprentice to him Which allowance is to Commence from Xmas last, and to continue to be paid to the said Iohn Croker for the purpose aforesaid, for & during the full end and Terme of 6 Years, in case the said Francis Berresford do so long live, & continue under his Care, Maintenance, and Tuition, as an apprentice. And for so doing this shall be, as well to you for payment, as to her Majesty's auditors of the Imprests, and all others concern'd in passing and allowing thereof upon your account, a sufficient Warrant; provided nevertheless, and it is hereby meant & intended, that for and during the said Terme of six years, or such part thereof as the said allowance of Thirty five pounds per ann shall Continue to be paid as afore said, the payment of Eighty pounds per ann (which has for some time been saved to the Crowne) and was heretofore made to Gabriel Le Clerk, as an Assistan{t} Graver, shall not be revived. Whitehall Treasury Chambers. Iuly the 10th. 1712


To my very loving Friend Sir Isaac Newton Knight Master and Worker of Her Majestys Mint. and to the Master & Worker thereof for the time being.

Inhat in Officio honourably {Edwd.} harley a{illeg} aud{illeg}. xxiiij die {Martij} 1712. Ja{s} Moody Deputy auditor

[3] <156v>

{Francis Beresford} {to be} {made} Apprentice to Mr. Iohn Croker 28. Iune 1712

Agreed Lord High Treasurer's Warrant for an allowance for 35£. per annum from Christmass 1711.

[1] Mint Office 16th. Iune

[2] Intratar in Officio France stoley {Auiugui} Auditoris 17° die Septembris 1714 FBy the Deputy Auditor

[3] Francis Berresford to be bound apprentice to Ion. Croker Graver of the Mint

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