After Our hearty Commendations . These are to Authorize and Require you out of any Money that is or shall be in your hands of the Coynage Duty to make payment unto the Chief Warden, or any other of the Wardens of the Iury of Goldsmiths summoned by Order of Council for the Tryal of the Pix, of the Mint in the Tower of London, on the second of August next, or to his assignes the summ of Thirty pounds, the same being to defray the charges of entertaining the said Iury and such other persons whose attendances are required for the performance of the said service. And this shall be as well to you for payment as to all others herein concernd in allowing thereof upon your Accounts a sufficient Warrant

Whitehall Treasury Chambers 28 Iuly 1715.


Rid: Onslow

Will St. Quintin


[1] To Our very Loveing Friend Sir Isaac Newton Knight.
Master & Worker of His Majestys Mint.

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