And we do by these presents give & grant unto the said Iohn Croker &           Bull full power licence privilege & authority too have in their sole custody all Engines instruments & divices whatsoever to be used in the making of the of the Puncheons & Dyes or stamps for the framing of the said Medals Pieces or Coynes, an account of the said Puncheons & Dyes being kept by our Clerk of the Irons in the said Mint for the time being. And our further will & pleasure is that the said Gravers Iohn Croker &         Bull do at all times work in such tasks as the Master & Worker of our Mint for the time being shall appoint for the speedy coynage of the money & for the making of Medals according to such Orders as he the said Master & Worker shall from time to time receive from Vs or from our Lord High Treasurer or Commissioners of the Treasury or Lord High Admiral or Commissioners of the Admiralty for the time being & that they the said I. Croker &      Bull do make all convenient dispatch therein & that they do not convey out of the Mint any of the Puncheons Dyes or stamps made with our Effigies nor sell any Medals made with our Effigies at a higher rate than shall be approved by the Warden Master & Worker & Comptroller of our Mint for the time being.

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