And we do by these presents give & grant unto the said Iohn Croker &           Bull full power licence privilege & authority to{illeg}|o| have in their sole custody all Engines instruments & divi{s}|c|es whatsoever to be used in the making of the of the Puncheons & Dyes or stamps for the framing of the said Medals Pieces or Coynes, an account of the said Puncheons & Dyes being kept by or Clerk of the Irons in the said Mint for the time being. And or further will & pleasure is that the said Gravers Iohn Croker &         Bull do at all times work in such tasks as the Master & Worker of or Mint for the time being shall appoint for the speedy coynage of the money & for the making of Medals according to such o|O|rders as he the said Master & Worker shall from time to time receive from {illeg}|V|s or from our \Ld H. Treasurer or Commrs of the Treasury or/ Ld High Admiral or Commrs of the Admiralty for ye time being & that they the said Grav I. Croker &      Bull do make all convenient dispatch therein & that they do not convey out of the Mint any of the Puncheons Dyes or stamps made with or Effigies nor sell any Medals made wth or Effigies at a higher rate than shall be approved by the Warden Master & Worker & Comptroller of or Mint for the time being.

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