To the Rt Honble the Earl of Godolphin Lord High Treasurer of great Britain.

May it please yor Lordp

In Obedience to your Lordps Order of Reference signified to us by Mr Taylor's Letter of 22th Instant upon the annexed Mem{illeg}|o|rial of the General & other Officers of her Majties Mint at Edinburgh concerning the Bullion given by Act of Parliament for maintaining a free co{illeg}|y|nage in that Mint & collected by Mr Daniel Stuart now deceased & left in the hands of his Executors \we have considered the same{sic}/. A{illeg}|n|d wherea{s} it is represented\suggested/ that ye said Act of Parliamen{illeg}|t| is repealed we humbly represent to your Lordship that the coynage Duty now collected in its st{illeg}|e|ad may be properly applyed by yor Lordp to the same uses of that Mint, as may also the Bullion in the hands of the said Executors. And since the the {sic} Officers of her Majties Mint at Edinburgh re

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