{illeg} {illeg}{illeg} {Lords} {illeg} {Lon}don, {Par}is & {Gla}{sgow} {illeg} In England{,} France, Flanders, Genoua, Florence. Venice they reccon by {poun}ds sh{hillin}gs {illeg} or livers sou{{ls}{s}} {&} deniers,

In Engla{nd} accts are kept by pounds shillings pence \halfpence/ & farthings. The Gold coyne are 5 guinea-pieces, two Guinea-pie{c}es, Guin{illeg}|ea|s & half Guineas all of ye same allay wch is {illeg}|11| parts fine gold & {illeg}|1| part allay, & there are 441 Guineas in a pound weight {Troy.} The silver coyns are crowns or five shilling pieces, half crowns, shillings {illeg} or twelve-pences, {illeg} six pences, four-pences or groats, three-pences, two pences & pence all of ye same allay wch is 11110 fine silver & 910 allay, & there are 62 shillings in ye pound weight Troy. The half-pence & farthings are of copper & 88 farthings make a pound weight Troy. Sometimes they reccon in England by marks & Nobles & a noble is 13 of 20s & a mark 23ds.

In s|S|cotland they {illeg} \reccon by pounds & shillings &/ coyne{d} at prsent 60 40 30 20 10 & 5s shillings pieces \of silver/: {illeg}|o|f the same {st}andard wth english silver money according to law, but actually about 12 or 13 of a penny weight worse then ye English money \one piece wth another/ by ye unaccurates {sic} of their workmen. \They divide an ounce as the English do into sixty \two {parts}/ & coyn {illeg} sixty of those as the English do but 56 into a crown or sixty shilling piece so that {sic}/ A 60 shillings piece is {to a} pound weight Scotch as {illeg}|5|6 to 62 or {illeg} 28 to 31. {|No|{{illeg}|w|}} a pound weight scotch is less then a pound wt English by {9}|4|dwt 9gr english, So that 60 shillings scotch ought to weight 425121814 {illeg}{y} 4252031 grains english & be worth 55 pence English wanting the 112 of a farthing {b}ut being something coarser & lighter then it should be it may be recconed worth 5{5}|4|34 pence English {o}ne piece wth another. In Scotland they have sometimes coyned marks, two-mark \pieces/ ,|&| 12 mark pieces |{illeg} & small pieces three of wch make a noble| {illeg} their mark|s| pieces {not} is 13s 4d of their money \but these were being ill coyned were lately called in{sic}/. In the nearest round number their marks may {illeg} in England for shillings & their ten shilling pieces for nine pences.

In Ireland two 412d is one Haper {illeg}|o|r 9d English, & 20 Harpers is a pound or 15s English

In France they reccon by Livers souls & deniers. 12 Deniers make a souls 20 souls a Liver {or} Frank. {illeg} 16 souls make a Cardecu & 4 Cardecus a Crown. But now ye French crown is 60 {s}ous & weighteth 17dwt 1112 gr being to t|[|he\The/ Paris ouce as 60 to 62 being\is/ divided into 62 sous whereof 60 {to} their crown. The silver Their pound is to ye English pound \& by consequence their crown to ye English as {sic}/ as {6} 93 to 100. so that their pound is {5655}\5357./ {E}nglish grains & their ounce 446512|]| The French Gold Lewis d'or equals 14 of a French crown or {si}{x} sous in weight, being in weight 4dwt 8gr34    & is in fineness 11oz or 11oz14gr. that is worse 14 {illeg}gr And the French silver is worse 06wt.    The French & Spaniard use the same weigh{t} wch is a Mark of 7 oz 8dwt 8 ounces &    weights 7 oz 8dwt Troy.

In Spain the pieces of 88 weigh 17dwt12 & the Pillar pieces are better 2dwt the Mexico worse 1dwt the Peruvian worse 112 dwt. The Spanish Pistol weighs 4dwt 8gr & is worse 14gr. {34 Peru} & a Mexic \{illeg}ants are kept in Merveds & Rials./ 34 Mervedes is a Rial & 8 Rials is a piece of 88. The exchanges are made upon the Imaginary Ducat of 375 Mervedes or 11 Rials & a Mervede. T A piece of 88 equals a Frence {sic} crown in weight & a spanish Pistol equals a French one in weight, & both are 14 of a crown or piece of eight.

The Ducat of|\is ye same all over/| Holland & the Empire & weights 2dwt 5gr {illeg}|&| is better 1car 2gr. In Holland the three Guilder pieces \(= 60 stivers)/ weigh 1oz. 6gr and are 4dwt (& sometimes by default 5{illeg} 6 & 7dwt) worse |[|20 Stivers \(or {4 olds}{solds} Turtois)/ here & in Flanders make a Guilder, & six stivers make a \flemmish/ shillings & 20 shillings or skillings a pound Flemish. Ducatoons are = 10 dutch skillings Pa{t}{l}atoons = 8 Dutch skillings a Ducatoon is 412dwt better & weights 1oz 0dwt 22gr. The Dutch reccon by pence Groats or Grosses stivers Guilders & 4d is a Gross. 2|t|wo Grosses a Stiver, 12 Grosses \= 6 stivers =/ a skilling, 20 skillings a pound \flemish/, 20 stivers a Guilder 6 Guilders a pound flem.|]| A Ducattoon of Flanders weights 1 oz 22dwtgrains is better 412dwt is worth 5s 5d6 5 56d 5s. 6d38 A double \Dutch/ stiver weighs 1dwt & is worse 4oz 4oz 6 dwt, & is worth 1910d. The Dutch weight is a Mark of 8 ounces & weight 7oz 18dwt Troy.

A Traveller told me that the Dutch ounce was but a grain lighter then ye English ounce Troy


For Mris Catherine Barton
at Mr Gyre's at Publicot neare
Woodstock in


By Chipping Norton Bagg.

I had yor two letters & am glad ye air agrees wth you & th{ough the} fever is loath to leave you yet I hope it aba{illeg}|te|s, & yt ye {re}mains of ye small pox are dropping off apace. Sr Ioseph {Tily} is leaving Mr Tolls house & its probable I may succeed him{. I} intend to send you some wine by the next Carrier wch beg the favour of Mr Gyre & his Lady to accept of. My L{ady} Norris thinks you forget yor promis of writing to her, & wants {a} letter from you. Pray let me know by yor next how your f{ace is} & if yor fevour be going. Perhaps warm milk from ye Cow may {help} to abate it. I am

Yor very loving Vnkle

Is. Newton

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