Catalogue Entry: MINT00565

Holograph draft of a royal warrant authorising payment of the balance.

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: MINT 19/2/518, National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, UK

[Normalized Text] [Diplomatic Text]


Followed by:

(a) two draft clauses (one deleted) to the effect that the money due to Newton for paying off the receipts will be met from the civil list;

(b) a draft clause stating that the shortfall on coinage from premium plate will be met from coinage duty;

(c) a minute to the same effect as (a) above with the addition that at Newton's request this may be paid in the form of tin to an equivalent value.


[Note on dating: the draft warrant refers to the warrant of 30 July 1711 [see notes to MINT00563 (II.522)] as having been issued 'the 30th Instant', which (unless Newton had momentarily forgotten that July only has 31 days) means the draft must have been written on the 31st. NC, 5: 178, n. 1 argues that the notes (a) - (c) must predate the warrant of 30 July since they do not refer to it, but there seems no very obvious reason why they should refer to it: the fact that they are written below this draft warrant (of 31 July) suggests rather that they are either contemporary with it or later.]

Draft warrant printed in NC, 5: 186, and the minute at (c) in NC, 5: 178-9 (as the second part of Letter 859).

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