Catalogue Entry: MINT00063

Response to the applications at MINT00062 (I.140-45) and others.

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: Mint 19/I.170-71, National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, UK

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Recounts the unhappy experience of Harris's engravership. Proposes a re-organisation of the engraving branch, appointing three engravers, one at £200 p.a. and two at £80 p.a., with an obligation to train juniors and apprentices. Recommends John Croker (as senior engraver), Samuel Bull and Gabriel le Clerk, le Clerk's appointment to be deferred to the following summer to save money for repairs to storm damage of the previous autumn.


Signed by the Mint Board. For further details of Newton's revamping of the engraving branch and the individuals involved, see Craig, NATM, 54-5.

Printed in NC, 4: 416-18.

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