Catalogue Entry: MINT00062

Applications for the post of engraver

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: Mint 19/I.140-45, National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, UK

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(a) (I.140) 8 August 1704. Treasury to Mint. Clerical hand. Letter of referral covering the applications of Parsons and Croker [(d) and (e) below] and that of [William] Rose [Ross, Roos, which seems to have been lost].

(b) (I.141) 7 August 1704. Another hand. Application of William Fowler.

(c) (I.142) 10 August 1704. Treasury to Mint. Clerical hand. Further letter of referral specifically covering Fowler's application.

(d) (I.143-4) Undated.Clerical hand. Application of William Parsons.

(e) (I.145) Undated. Clerical hand. Application of John Croker.

Briefly summarised in NC, 7: 435 (no. X.673.3).

[1] Treasury Chambers
8. August 1704

[2] Aug: the 7th 1704

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