Of these Nazarenes Austine speaks thus Et nunc sunt quidam Hæretici qui se Nazarenos vocant a nonnullis autem Symmachiani appellantur & circumcisionem habent Iudæorum et Baptismum Christianorum. [1]

And this adhering of the Nazarenes to the Law of Moses at length gave occasion to the converted Gentiles to look upon the Nazarenes & especially that branch of them called Ebionites as hereticks & to anathematize them. For Ierome tells us that the Ebionites were anathematized only for mingling the ceremonies of the Law with the Gospel. Cerinthus & Hebion credentes in Christo, propter hoc solum a patribus anathematizati sunt quod legis ceremonias Christi evangelio miscuerunt. Hieron. Epist. ad Augustinum in Vol. 2 fol 121 G.

Coaretabimus itaque Hebionem & Sectatores ejus quod post Evangelium credentes in Christo circumcidendos putant. Hieron in Epist. Pauli ad Galatas.

[1] Lit con. Cresconium c. 31.

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