By his Majestys Commissioners for Ecclesiasticall Causes, & for the Visitation of the Vniversities, & of all & every Collegiate Churches, Colleges, Grammer Schooles, Hospitalls & other the like Incorporations, or ffoundations, & Societies.

Whereas Iohn Pechell Dr of Divinity Vice Chancellor of Cambridge & Master of St. Mary Magdalen College in the said Vniversity hath been convened before us for his disobedience to his Majestys Royall Letters Mandatory, and other his contempts, & the said Dr Iohn Peachell having been fully heard thereupon: Wee haue thought fit after mature Consideration of that matter, to declare, decree & pronounce, that the said Dr Iohn Peachell shall for the said disobedience & contempt, be deprived from being Vice Chancellor of the said Vniversitie & from all power of Acting in the same, & also that he shall be suspended ab Officio, & Beneficio of his Mastership of the said College, during his Majestys pleasure, & accordingly we do by these presents deprive him the said Dr Iohn Pechell from being Vice Chancellor of the said Vniversity & from all power of acting in the same, & also suspend him ab Officio & Beneficio of the said College peremptorily admonishing him, & requiring him hereby to abstain from the Function & Execution of the Office of Vice Chancellor & from Acting in the Vniversity & also from his Function as Master of the said College, during the said Suspension under pain of Deprivation from his said Mastership. And we do further Order & Decree that the profitts & perquisits belonging to his said Mastership shall during the said Suspension be applyed to the Vse and benefit of the said College. Given under our Seal the 7th of May 1687

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