June 19th 1672.


Having been in Bedfordshire since my last to you, at my returne to Cambridge I received your letter conteining the Philosophicall Transaction{s} for the last Month inclosed: For which I returne you many thanks. At present I am removed into Lincolnshire & if you have occasion to write to me before the 28th day of this Month I pray direct your letter to me at Mris Smith's house at Woolstrope in Coulsterworth-Parish neare Grantham in Lincolnshire. And for greater security you may further assigne it to be left at Post-Witham to be sent according to direction. In the answer to Sir R. Morays Experiments there was reflexion printed twice for refraction: which in the next Transactions may be noted amongst the errata. The particular places I know not how to direct you to, not haveing the Book by me, but by the sense you will easily find them. I desire you would not yet print any thing more concerning the Theory of light before it hath been more fully weighed. And begging pardon for the hast in which I write, I subscribe my selfe

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Your Humble Servant

I. Newton.

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To his Honoured Friend
Henry Oldenburg Esquire at his
house about the middle of
the old Pall-Mail in
London 3

Rec. jun. 24. 72. Answ. jun. 25. repeating what I had said june 20. and adding, that P. Pard. ojections and his Answers were already in the presse and would please, especially if the sequel of the same. Pardies with his answer should follow. That to Mr Hook to be differrd till further order.

july 2.72. I wrote again, commun. to him the contents of M. Hugen's Letter of july 1. 72. and {intimaty} withall, that what he had to return to him, I would carefully convey; as I hoped also to doe Mr Hooks return to his Answer. Desired to send the next Carrier to my house.

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