Oxford Ian. 9. 1698./9.


I had lately an intimation from Dr Gregory, as if it were a desire of yours, That (in a letter of Mr. Flamstead's concerning the Parallax of the Earth's Annual Orb, which I am about to print) I would omit a paragraph wherein you are mentioned: It is, wherein, when I had pressed his communicating to me and the publike his observations concerning this matter; he excuseth his delay of gratifying me therein, from his diversions by other Business; & (amongst the rest) this for one: "Contraxeram etiam cum Do Newtono (Doctissimo tunc temporis in Academia Cantabrigiensi Professore) necessitudinem, cui Lume loca ab observationibus meis ante habitis deducta 150 dederam, cum locis simul è Tabulis meis ad earum tempora supputatis, tum similia in posterum prout assequerer promiseram, cum elementis calculi mei in ordine ad emendationem Theoriæ Lunaris Horroccianæ qua {in} re spero eum successus consecuturum expectationi suæ pares. Hinc cum ingeniosis duobus viris (in Septentrionalibus Angliæ partibus) ut ipsis impertirem loca duorum superiorum planetarum (Saturni et Iovis) in ordine ad restituendum illorum motus, quam rem ipsi tunc moliebantur." Upon which I wrote to Mr Flamsted to have his opinion in it. For I was not to alter his letter without his order.

I have since an answer from him, to this purpose: That it was (he supposeth) rather a suggestion of Dr Gregory's own, than any order from you, to have it left out; for that you do readyly acknowledge in all companies, that you had from him such Observations; & that upon his now writing to you on this occasion, he hath received no answer from you to the contrary, & therefore he thinks that you do acquiesce, as to the publishing that paragraph with the rest, & seems yet to adhere to it.

For my part, I am willing to serve you both, & not willing to displease either And therefore desire you will please to accommodate that busyness between yourselves. And I shall readyly comply with what you two agree upon therein. And I desire I may have an account from you, as soon as may be; because the Press will quickly be ready for it. I am


Yours to serve you

John Wallis.

I do not apprehend any prejudice to you in printing it, (being merely true matter of fact.) And it seems of concernment to him to satisfy the world (from this & other things mentioned,) that he is not idle: though he be not yet in a readyness to publish that whole of his Observations (for which he is frequently called upon,) it being a great work.


For the Worshipfull Mr
Isaac Newton, Master of the Mint,
at the Tower,

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