Oxford July 3. 1695.


About a month or five weeks since I sent you a letter, & with it a Transcript of your two letters which I wished might be printed. And because I suspect there were some mistakes (particularly in some of those Examples which you give of what you call your Theorema Primum in your second letter) I desired you would please to consider & correct them to your own mind. And I would desire allso that you would please to explain those words which (in two places) you have conceled by transposing the letters. I hoped that by the first or second return of the Carrier you would have favoured me with a return of those papers so corrected. If you do not think fit to proceed to print them: I would yet desire you would favour me with them so corrected that I might at least leave them reposited in the Savilian Library amongst other Manuscript Papers; which will be no dishonour to you, but confirm to you the reputation of your having discovered these notions so long ago. And if in this or ought else I may be in a capacity of serving you I shal readily do it; & do still continue to importune you to be so just to your self, & kind to the publick as to let those things come abroad which you have in so great readyness as I hear you have. And what is not yet ready, may come afterward in due time.       I am


your very humble


John Wallis


For Mr Isaac Newton,
Fellow of Trinity College
in Cambridge, & Professor
of Mathematics in that

Carrer {p d}

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