Chester August 2° 1697

Ever Honoured Sir

Our Adversary Clark went on Saturday afternoon for London with a resolution to loade the Warden and my self, with all the Calumnys he can: You see what weapons they fight with, and stick at nothing to compass their ends: he has taken Bowles along with him and Brown, who are I suppose to serve him on all occasions, as fr as their oaths will go. If need be, I begg you would interpose your protection, till we can be informed of any sort of accusation, and that we may be heard before we are in any case judged. I hope your potent friend Mr Montague will not forgett me if their should be occasion, but as I am conscious to my self of no transgression, so I doubt not but to acquitt my self of any imputation their malice can invent. Mr Clark being gone, we begin to pay again, there having been but 3 days intermission.

I am

Honoured sir

Your most faithfull servant

Edm. Halley


To the Honoured
Isaac Newton Esqr

at his house in Iermyn Street
near St James's

These I
humbly present


[1] Dated Aug. 2

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