After my hearty Commendations, These are to signify to you her Majesties Pleasure That you prepare or cause to be made and prepared with all the speed that may be the number of fifty Medals of Gold according to the Draft approved by her Majesty the 24th. Day of Iune last each Medal to contain in Weight about 14dwt. & 15gr. of fine Gold and to be in value (with three shillings a piece for workmanship and wast) about three pounds ten shillings which said Medals you are to deliver to the Cofferer of her Majesties household whose acquittance for the same shall be your sufficient Discharge herein, And for so doing this shall be your Warrant.

Whitehall Treasury Chambers 5th. Ianry 1713


To my very Loving Friend,
Sir Isaac Newton Knight Master
& Worker of her Majesties Mint

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