The clause in the Indenture of the Mint appointing the allowance per pound weight for coinage

And the said Isaac Newton shall have & receive the summe of one shilling & four pence half penny to be by him taken for the coinage of every pound weight Troy of silver moneys for the paying bearing & susteining of all manner of wasts, provisions, necessaries & charges coming arising & growing in or about the coyning of her Majesties Crowns half crowns shillings & sixpences of silver money by the Mill & press out of the money to be paid & payable unto him as is herein after expressed. And the said Master shall out of the one shilling & four pence half penny allowed to him as aforesaid & received by him for every pound weight Troy of the moneys of sivler from time to time pay unto the moneyers the summ of eight pence for the making of every pound weight Troy of the said silver moneys by the mill & press according to the undertaking & agreement of the said Moneyers with the said Master & Worker.

The clause in her Majesties Warrant directing the Officers of her Mint at Edinburgh to observe the Rules of coynage set down in the said Indenture.

It is our will & pleasure & We do hereby authorize & require you & every of you, That in the coynage of such Gold & Silver as shall be imported into Out Mint at Edinburgh, you act under & observe the Rules of Coynage which respect your several Offices & conteined & exprest in the Copie of the Indenture herewith sent, attested by Sir Isaac Newton Master & Worker & Iohn Ellys Es Comptroller of our said Mint: which Indenture was made in the first year of our reign with the said Sir Isaac Newton &c.

To the General, Master, Warden, Counter-warden,

Assay Master, & other Officers of our Mint at


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