The clause in the Indenture of the Mint appointing the allowance per pound weight for coinage

And the said Isaac Newton shall have & receive the summe of one shilling & four pence half penny per to be by him taken for the coinage of every pound weight Troy of silver moneys for the paying bearing & susteining of all manner of wasts, provisions, necessaries & charges com{illeg}|i|ng arising & growing in or about the coyning of silver moneys his|er| M{illeg}|a|jesties Crowns half crowns shillings & sixpences of silver money by the Mill & press out of the money to be paid & payabl{illeg}|e| unto him as is herein after expressed. And the said Master shall out of the one shilling & four pence half penny {illeg}|a|llowed to him as aforesaid & received by him for every pound weight Troy of the moneys of sivler from time to time pay unto the m{illeg}|o|neyers the summ of eight pence for the making of every pound weight Troy of the said silver moneys by the mill & press according to the undertaking & agreement of th{illeg}|e| said Moneyers with the said Master & Worker.

An extract of\The clause {as} in/ her Majties Warran{illeg}|t| directing the Officers of her Mint at Edinburgh to observe the Rules of coynage set down in the said Indenture.

It is our will & pleasure & We do hereby authorize & requ{r}|i|re you & every of you, That in the coynage of such Gold & Silver as shall be imported into Out Mint at Edinburgh, you act under & observe the Rules of Coynage wch respect your several Offices & conteined & exprest in the Copie of the Indenture herewith sent, attested by Sr Isaac Newton Master & Worker & Iohn Ellys Es Comptroller of our said Mint: which Indenture was made in the first year of or reign with the said Sr Isaac Newton &c.

To the General, Master, Warden, Counter-warden,

Essey {sic} Master, & other Officers of our Mint at


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