London Sept. 14. 73.


I herewth send you Mr Boyle's new Book of Effluviums, wch he desired me to present to you in his name, wth his very affectionat service, and assurance of ye esteem he hath of yr vertue and knowledge. I take ye liberty to Ioyne in thesame pacquet two Copies more of yesame Book, one for Dr Barrow, and ye other for Dr More; wch he intreats you to send to ym from him, if they be now at Cambridge; if not, to keep ym in yr hands, till they shall returne thither.

I receiued lately a letter from Monsr Hevelius, and in it the Frontispice and Title of the First part of his Machina Cœlestis, together wth an Advaice, that he hat deliver'd severall Copies of this Book to a Master of a Ship bound for London; among wch there is one designed for the University of Cambridge: wch when it shall \come/ to my hands, I shall not faile, God willing, to transmit \it/ to yr Vice Chancellour, whose name, in the Interim, <34v> I desire to know. The Title of the book is,

Iohannis Hevelis
Machinæ Cœlestis Pars Prior,
Organographiam, sive Instrumentorū omnium Astronomicorū, quibus Author hactenus sidera rimatus ac dimensus est, accuratam delineationem et descriptionem, pluribus iconibus, æri incisis, illustratam et exornatam, exhibens: Cum aliis quibusdam tam jucundis quam scitu dignis, ad Mechanicam Opticam Artem pertinentibus, imprimis de Maximorum laborū constructione et commodissā directione; nec non, novâ ac facillimâ Lentes quasvis, ex Sectionibus Conicis, expoliendi ratione.

I haue lately procured a|n| \Astronomical/ Correspondence between Signr Cassini and our Mr Flamsteed, wch I belieue will contribute not a litle to ye Advancement of Astronomy especially if ye latter, whom Signr Cassini acknowledges to be an a very accurat Observer, can furnish himself wth good Instruments.

The two new Planets about Saturn, lately discovered by Cassini, are now to be very well seen, as I am informed from Paris, where Signr \Cassini/ saith they see you wth a Telescope of 21. parisian feet.

I shall be glad to hear, yt this pacquet is safe come to yr hands. I am yr humble servant



For Mr Isaac Newton

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