March 8th 16723.


I received both your letters & thank you for Heckers Mercurius in Sole. As for Monsr Huygens Observations I conceive they are but the abstract of a private letter sent to you, & therefore concern not me to take notice of them. But yet if he expect an answer & intends yt they should be made publick, I will return you my thoughts upon them if you please to send me the originall letter, & procure from Mr Huygens yt I may have liberty to publish what passeth between us, if occasion be.

Sr I desire that you will procure that I may be put out from being any longer fellow of ye R. Society. For though I honour that body, yet since I see I shall neither profit them, nor (by reason of this distance) receive any adv can partake of the advantage of their meetings Assembly|ie|s, I desire to withdraw. If you please to do me this favour you will oblige

Yor humble Servant

I. Newton

< insertion from the left margin of f 30r >

I have presumed to put you once more to ye trouble of receiving my quarterly duty as Fellow of the R. Society. At next Lady day I am behind hand for half a yeare, & have therefore sent you 1lb 6s by John Stiles. I hope you will excuse this trouble, it being the last. I shall be henceforth absent from Cambridg for about <30v> a month.

< text from f 30r resumes >


For Henry Oldenburg Esqꝫ
at his hous about the middle of the
old Pall-Mail in Westminster


with 1lb. 6s. 0d


|send by Stils at ye green Dragon in Bishops Gat on Thursday'|

|Answ. March 13. 1672. sent ye original of M. Hugens letter of jan. 14. 16723. and ye Transactions of Febr. 1672. and wthall represented to him my being surprised at his resigning for no other cause, than his distance, wch he knew as well at the time of his election, offering wthall my endeavor to take from him ye trouble of sending hither his qterly paymts & without any reflection.|

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