Chester. Iuly. 21°. 1697

Honoured Sr

As we suspected, Mr Masons whole business has been to endeavour the restitution of Mr Lewis, of whose misdemeanour I gave you an account in my last; if you think fitting to deprive him, as I suppose you will, Mr Grevall with the assistance he shall have, will be well able to do his business; if you think fitting to bestow on him such a favour. Mr Mason was something concerned, and often reported it, that the Warden ought not to suspend his Cl{a|e|}rk without his participation, he being then in Town: to which was answered, that |t| {sic}he \Warden/ conce{iv}ed the Warden to be proper Iudge in all Controversies in the Mint, especially where so high an Indignity was offered to his person; and if he had thought there had been any colour of excuse, he would not have proceeded against {illeg}|Lewis| without acquainting him: he {sic}|Mr Mason| declared he thought himself to have power to vacate the suspension, but would not meddle with it, because it lay before our superiour officers, and expressd his dissatisfaction, that the advantages this accident has given us, now not all thrown away upon his intercession: this day he intends to go out of town, and soon for London as he said: How he will represent his treatment here I know not, but I am sure he has hall all the respect we were capable of showing < insertion from the left margin > him, and this morning he pixt our Money, which proved rarely good, to {illeg}|his| great satisfaction, and as to publick business I am sure he has no sort of Complaint: I hope you will please to communicate what may reflect upon me in his letters, who am

You most faithfull Servt

Edm. Halley

< text from f 1r resumes > <2r>

To Thomas Molineux Esqr.
at his house in White Lyon Court
in Cornhill


humbly present

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