To the worshipfull the warden, the Master

and worker and Comptrollers of his Mats

within the Tower of London.

May it please your Worpps.

Vpon the Putting down (I believe by some order or Command from the office of Ordnance) the house (which mr Edward Silvester deceased the Kings Smith lived in and used, and since tryeyed {sic} by Mr Iohn and Mr Tho: Silvester) between Monyers hall and mr Halls house I (haveing been have almost 27 years) make Gold to lay before your Worpps That.

Vpon first coming hither, One Hodgkins a very old man (who furnished the long Parliamt or Oliver with Ammunition to carry on the warr by sea in those dayues) was Smith to the Mint for Course and ordinary worke and noe other, to my knowledge.

After I had been here some time how long I cannot tell exactly This Hodgkins being Aged, past his Labours and willing to be at Ease upon some Consideration or other what particularly I doe not remember it being soe long s{illeg} since, made over the same to the said Edward Silvester, In the doing whereof Iames Hoare Esqr Comptroller of the said Mint since deceased the said Hodgkins Edward Silvester before named and my selfe and noe other to the best of my Remembrance were present, In the transacting whereof the said Hodgkins and Mr Silvester earnestly capitulateing about the business and speaking of the house aforesaid with the place and office, the Comptroller Interposed, No sayes Hee mr Hodgkins, though, you have a Right to your Place as Smith to the office of ordnance; you <415v> have noe Right to the house by vertue of your Offi{illeg}|c|e or that you are in it by any such vertue, For the house is the Mint's and the Right of the house in the Mint and belongs properly and absolutely to the Mint, And if you think Mr Hodgkins to dispose of it upon that accot and you Meaning Mr Silvester to have it upon such an Account, Hee shall not dispose of the house, Nor you shall not have it or words which Imported as much.

Vpon which Mr Hodgkins declined any Right to the house by vertue of his office or place aforesaid, and mr Silvester that he came in upon any such account, and then and at that time which \was/ upon a Saturday the Comptroller gave way that mr Hodgkins should dispose of his office or place of Smith to mr Silvester and that hee should have it, And not long after the said Mr Silvester came into the Place or office of Smith to the office of Ordnance and {he} excised it by himselfe or Instruments and those under him to the time of his Death, And the aforenamed mr Iohn and \left/ Mr Thomas Silvester in the Possession and enjoyment thereof at the p{illeg} putting down of the same.

You very humble



Most Obedient servant

Tho Fowle

[1] Aprill 27 1699.

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