The Humble demands of Iustus Brandshag{illeg}|e|n about his Commission in Scotland, concerning Sir Iohn Areskins Silver Mine

By Order of the Treasury I was paid by Sir Isaac Newton my allowance as 20 shills ꝑ diem during my stay in Scotland till the 18th of Febry 171617, on which day I set out from Scotland, during my Iourny to London till the 29th day of April, when my Report and the Oar {sic} of the Mine was received by the Lords of the Treasury for my Allowance as daily Attending { £71. 00. 0
By an Order written to My Lord Lauderdale, and to me, I was to bring along with me to London, Thos Hamilton (a Miner whom the Government was pleas'd to Send along with me into Scotland) whose allowance was 10s, ꝑ diem and had been all that while upon my pay. } £35. 10. 0
For the several Coppies of the draughts of the Mine, and the Boxes for the Specimens of Oar {sic}, and the Report allso for Leathern Baggs for the Oar {sic} According to Mr Drummonds Accot: who laid out the money, & was paid by me again } £6. 18. 0
Total £113. 08. 0



Petition of Iohn Walker.

Creditor of Iustus Brandshagen for 10£. 10sh: 0d

1 May 1724

To Sr Isaac Newton

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