To the Right Honble: the Lords Commissioners of His Majest:s  Treasury. The Humble Petition of Iohn Walker of Edinb: Mercht,


That the Late Iustus Brandshagen having while he was at Edinburgh Employed in the service of the Governmnet (and then in very great straits) borrowed the sum̄ of Ten Pounds ten shillings For which he gave a note Vnder his hand payable upon demand. And upon application to the Deceas'ds daughter for payment of the sate note, she informer your Peticoñer that the Government was Indebted to the deceased for that service in Scotland, the sum̄ of One hundred and thirteen pounds Eight shillings. As appears by an Account written by the late Iustus Brandshagen's own hand, a Coppy of which is hereunto anexed. Which Accot: I was advised to lay before Sir Isaac Newton, who owned to your Peticoner, that the two first articles amounting to one hunderd and six pounds ten shillings, was not paid. And that if your Honrs, thought fit you might pay me my small sum̄ of Ten pounds ten shills out of the annex'd accompt.

Your Peticoner therfore being reduced to very great necessities through the Late unhappy times. Humbly prays that your Honrs: wou'd be pleas'd to Order him the said finall sum̄ of Ten pounds ten shillings out of the anne\x'd/ accot: since it was advanced to the said Iustus Brandshagen when he was upon the service of the Governmt:

And Your Honrs Peticoner as in Duty bound shall ever Pray &c.

Io: Walker


Whitehall Treasury Chambers May 11. 1724

The Right Honble the Lords Comrs of his  Mats: Treasury are pleased to Refer this Petition to Sr Isaac Newton Knt, Master and Worker of his Mats: Mint, who is to consider the same, and Report to their Lordps a true State of the Petitioners case together with his opinion what may be done therein

J Scrope


[1] Iohn Walker    Refd: to Sr Isaac Newton

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