To the Rt Honble the Ld High Treasurer of England.

May it please yor Lordp

The Peti{on}|ti|on of Mr Charles Fryth for an allowance in his Accompts now depending, of 370li 8s 9d upon two Tickets \of the Master & Worker/ of Chester Mint, wth the Report of the Commrs of Excise upon it, we received 30th March 1702 & in obedience to the Order of the then Lords Commrs of the Treasury upon them we have enquired into the matter & humbly represent that we see no reason for that allowance. For Mr Fryth imported into Chester Mint several parcells {illeg}|of| hammered money before Lady day 1697 for all which he received new monies before the end of Iuly f{illeg}|o|llowing & endorsed the receipts on the backside of all the Master & Workers Tickets under his own hand wch endorsements are ready to be produc{illeg}|e|d, the last payment being of 345li. 16s. {2}|3|d in new monies due upon th{illeg}|e| last Ticket as Mr Halley Comptroller of that Mint is ready to attest. And after these Importations & Tickets thus discharged there were four others vizt

ozdwt lisd
No 149.May 191697 2243.15 making at 5s ꝑ oz 560.18.9
152.May 28 986.5 – – – – – – 246.11.3
188.Iuly 24 729.10 – – – – – – 182.7.6
192.Aug 17 752.5 – – – – – – 188.1.3
Total 1177.18.9

The two last \of wch Tickets/ are those for wch an allowance is petitioned, & in discharge of all four amounting to 1177li. 18s. 9d. Mr Fryth by a misrecconing hath received 1200li wch is 22li. 1s. 3d too much.

For the two first of these four Tickets dated in May\No 149/ became payable about the middle of August following\1697/ & Mr Fryth drew on the Officers of that Mint two Bills ready to be produced the one of Aug. 18 for 300li (the payment of wch was end|t|ered at the foot of the Bill & in the books of the Mint in part of the|i||s| Ticket No 14{illeg}|9|) & the other of Aug 19 for 100li. These Bills were paid by Williams (Mr Neale's Cler{illeg}|k|) in the absenc{illeg}|e| of Mr Lewis \& entered by the Clerks of the Mint in their books in part of N 149/, and afterwards Mr Fryth received of Mr Lewis & concealing from him the two first payments made by Williams amounting to 400li, they deducted from the said two first \of the said four/ Tickets amounting to 807li. 10s. the two last payments only amounting to 300li & Mr Fryth received from <476v> Mr Lewis a Note for the remaining 507li. 10s, & delivering in the Tickets signed the discharge of them Octob 25 in the Master & Workers {illeg}|B|ook of Receipts ready to be produced. Whereas all the four payments amounting to 700li should have been deducted & the Note should have been only for 107li 10s the just remainder. And this misrecconing of 400li is the occasion of the controversy.

Vpon this Note made erroneously for 507li. 10s Mr Fryth received 500li at three payments, vizt 150li ꝑ Bill of Octob. 26, 300li ꝑ Bill of Nov. 19 & 50li ꝑ Bill of Dec. 4: all wch Bills drawn upon the Officers of the Mint by Mr Fryth are ready to be produced & the receipts are acknowledged by him. Had the n|N|ote been made only for 109li. 10s as it ought to have been this Note & the two last Tickets would have amounted only to 477li. 18s. 9d in discharge of wch Mr Fryth hath received 500li wch is too much by 22li. 1s. 3d

After these seven payments amounting to 1200li the misrecconing was discovered & Mr Fryth demanding several times more money was as often told by the Officers of that Mint that he had already received more money by a misrecconing then was due to him & ought to refund 22li. 1s. 3d & cancel the Tickets. To which Mr Fryth has not yet given a satisfactory answer tho we have now {illeg}|w|ritten to him twice about it.

This we take to be the true state of the matter, \so far as we c{an} understand it wthout an opportunity of hearing both parties face to face/ & the same is confirmed by the annexed testimony of Mr Halley Comptroller of that Mint, & by Mr Fryth's Bills drawn upon the Officers of that Mint & the entry of the payments in the Books of that Mint ready to be produced.

We are therefore humbly of opinion that the two Tickets upon wch Mr Fryth petitions for an allowance are already paid off tho not cancelled & that he \should/ make up his Accompts wth the Queen without any credit allowed him upon them & that in his Accompts he be also charged with the 22li. 1s. 3d. For the Note being for money due upon the Tickets, whatever money Mr Fryth received upon this Not {more} three was d ought to be set off upon the Tickets, & so much as he received upon this Note more then was due to him upon the Tickets her Majesty is defrauded of unless he account for it.

For wch reason if there were any private dealings between Mr Fryth & the Officers of that Mint by wch he knowingly received any money whatsoever out of the Treasury of that Mint wch was not due to him out of that Treasur{illeg}|y| for silver imported, we are humbly of opinion that he ought to refund it to her Majesty

Or at least |yt| in passing his Accompts wth her Majesty {illeg}|all| Accompts \in dispute/ between <477r> him & the Master & Worker of that Mint may be set aside & left to the course of the law.

All wch is most humbly submitted to yor Lordps great wisdome

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