For recoining the moneys i{n}|of| Scotland in her Majties Mint at Edinborough

An Order of her Maty or Counse|ci|l is humbly desired, that ye Warden or|f| her Majties Mint i{s}|n| the Tower do forthwith make or cause to be made two Piles of Troy weight of great Britain, in the most exact & perfect manner that by his endeavours can be done, & that the greater & smaller weights of the said two Piles be made & framed proportionable thereunto, & that they be examined & stamped wth the date & printed with a Rose & Thistle standing upon one common stalk & crowned wth one common crown & the date stamped upon them, in the presence of the Officers of her Majties Mint in the Tower, & that one of the said Piles be then delivered by the said Warden to the Order of the Lord High Treasurer to be carried to her Majties Mint at Edin{illeg}|b|orough & there to remain with her Majties Officers of the said Mint, to the end that other weights of Troy may be there made conformable unto them, & the other of the said piles to remain with{in} the Warden or Wardens for the time being within the said Tower of London.

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