To the Rt Honble the Lord High Treasurer of England.

May it please yor Lordp

In obedience to your Lordps Order of the 3d Order of the 3d Instant we have considered the Inventory therewith sent us of Tools & other necessaries proposed to be provided in London for the use of her Majties Mint in Scotland, & are humbly of Opinion, that besides the two Pyles of Standard weights, two Triall pieces for crown gold & two standard Trial pieces for standard silver mentioned in or late report of March     it may be convenient to sent to them from her Majties Mint in the Tower the things wch we have here set down wth their prizes as follows.

One set of Bell weights for Gold 2.00.00
One set of Bell weights for Silver 4.10.00
Two sets of penny weights grains & coyn-weights 0.9.00
One douzen of sixing scales with counterpoises 6.12.00
One pair of cast Rollers
One set of brass Patterns for casting ye barrs of gold & silver

If more sets of these things be wanted they may be either bought in shops or made in Scotland by these patterns above mentioned|, or sent from the Tower if yor Lop pleases.|

The blistered steel, the German steel, the Mercury, Alume, Vitriol Winestone, Charcoal, Bone-ashes, Coppel molds, Mufflers, Essay Ballances, Bras Calms, Files, Brushes, Table Vice, Grindstones, Oylestones & Sweep-Miln are usefull in coyning, &|b||ut| may be provided by the Officers of tha|e|t Mint \in Scotland/ as formerly, they being to be had in shops, & the new Mint not differing in these things from the old. We do not think it necessary that all these things sho{l}|u|ld be sent from London, but have notwithstanding set down in the schedu{illeg}|l|e annexed the prizes in Londo of all the things in their {illeg}|I|nventory, excepting that we do not know what they mean by a sizing Miln & Iusting Flots \large scratches half wier/, there being no such names of things in use amongst us.

All wch &c

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