Catalogue Entry: THEM00290

Notes on ancient religions

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: Yahuda Ms. 17.3, National Library of Israel, Jerusalem, Israel

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Sotheby Lot

Part of SL254

[Editorial Note 1] Apart from page numbers, all the material on f. 2 is written upside down; it seems likely that f. 2r is intended to follow f. 2v.

[Editorial Note 2] Folio 3r has been transcribed where it belongs, immediately before f. 6r; the material on f. 3v consists of two passages marked for insertion on f. 6r.

[1] ✝ p 483

[2] a Hyginus in Poet. Fab. 192 & Astronom. ubi de Tauro. Avienus in Arateis, & Ovid. in Fastis l. 4 v. 175.

[3] b Antoninus Liberalis in Metamorph. c. 25.

[4] a Hyginus Fab 192 & in Poet. Astronom. ubi de Tauro . Et Avienus in Arateis Et Ovid in Fastis lib 4 v. 175.

[5] b Antonini Liberalis Metamorph. c. 25

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