Catalogue Entry: THEM00071

Fragments on the kingdoms of the European tribes, the Temple and the history of Jewish and Christian Churches

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: Yahuda Ms. 28, National Library of Israel, Jerusalem, Israel

Sotheby Lot

Not identified in Sotheby


a) ff. 1-6 Extremely rough chronological jottings on scraps of paper, including quotes from the Bible and Fathers and notes on dates.

b) ff. 1-17 Notes on the history of the Roman Empire, on the Goths and Vandals and their incursions, on the geography of the Middle East (with a sketch map, f. 5r), and on the dates of Councils and Popes, mainly Latin with some English and citations in Greek.

ff. 18-20 'De decem Regibus': a self-contained section on Roman emperors.

ff. 21-30 Notes on Church history, the Arian controversy and the rise of the papacy, in Latin.

c) ff. 1-4 'Annotations': historical jottings with references to the Bible and Josephus, in Latin and English. This section is particularly badly damaged and largely illegible.

d) A single page headed 'Ex annotationibus Capelli in Villalpandum cujus libri titulus est Templi Hierosolymitani delineatio per L. Capellum ex Villalpando'.

e) ff. 1-2 An untitled discussion of Hebrew religious terms based largely on the work of Johannes Buxtorf.

f. 3 'Ex Philone'.


Many sheets faded and/or damaged.

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