Catalogue Entry: THEM00004

Notes from Petavius on the Nicene Council

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: Keynes Ms. 4, King's College, Cambridge, UK

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Custodial History

Bought at the Sotheby sale by Maggs Brothers for £16 and sold to Keynes on 30 July for the sale price plus 20%.

Sotheby Lot


See H1283-6 for Newton's collection of works by Petau, though these notes seem to predate any of the editions he owned.

[1] a Nyss. l. 1 con. Eunom. p 15

[2] ✝ ea fecit subsistere.

[3] a Hæres. 70

[4] ✝ perparvum

[5] ‡ Mithridates rex uno die, tota Asia, unicà significatione literarum, cives Romanos trucidandos denotavit.

[6] quod

[7] ✝ Imo vero verba illa tempore Gregorij ipsissimam Sabellij hæresin designabant: proinde Gregorij esse non potuerunt: utpote cujus traditiones (ut Basilius ibidem testatur) hæresis ista consopita fuit. Nonne igitur tempore Constantij, ubi Athanasiani (ut dicetur) in errorem Sabellij inciderant, Ruffinus aliquis Gregorio vim intulit?

[8] ✝ apud David

[9] ✝ ut quæ

[10] ✝ ipse

[11] ✝ rationem et sophiam

[12] ✝ visibilis

[13] ✝ Lege modulo alterum non numero, id est modulo substantiæ, non numero substantiæ. Nam Filij substantia, juxta Tertullianum, non de{bet} esse substantia Patris, sed manet pars ejus ut manus est pars hominis {sed} {illeg} modulo tantum altera, non numero.

[14] ✝ ipse

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