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Chapter VII

Author: David Brewster

Source: Memoirs of the Life, Writings, and Discoveries of Sir Isaac Newton, vol. 1 (Edinburgh: 1855).

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[1] Experiments and Observations touching Colours. Exp. xix. p. 243, London, 1664.

[2] " Micrographia, or some Physiological Descriptions of Minute Bodies made by magnifying-glasses, with Observations and Inquiries thereupon." In many of the copies the date is 1667, but the title-page which bears this date was a trick of the printer, to indicate a second edition, which was never printed. The imprimatur of the President of the Royal Society is Nov. 23, 1664. See Ward's Life of Hooke, in the Lives of the Gresham Professors, p. 190.

[3] The reader will observe that the orders here given, and their colours, differ somewhat from those published nearly thirty years afterwards in his " Optics."

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[5] Comptes Rendus, &c. &c., tom. xxv. p. 498. 1850.

[6] Treatise on Light, Art. 670.

[7] It is curious that Newton here makes no mention of an ethereal medium as that in which the vibrations are executed, as he does in his Hypothesis, formerly described. See p. 136.

[8] " On the Connexion between the Phenomena of the Absorption of Light and the Colours of Thin Plates." — Phil. Trans. 1837, p. 245.

[9] Edinburgh Journal of Science, vol. i. p. 108. June 1824.

[10] These observations, thirteen in number, entitled " Observations concerning the Reflections and Colours of thick transparent polished Plates, form the fourth part of the Second Book of Optics.

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[14] Art. Chromatics in Encyclopædia Brittanica.

[15] Treatise on Light, § 688-695.

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