Catalogue Entry: NATP00385

Unarranged fragments, mostly relating to the dispute with Leibniz

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: MS Add. 3968, ff. 594r-619v, Cambridge University Library, Cambridge, UK

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[1] Quest 22.

[2] ✝ In principio Theodicæ & in Epistolis quibusdam

[3] vid Com Epist. pag

[4] {Vid} Comm: Epist. p.

[5] ‡ In writing that book he had frequent occasion to consider the increase or decrease of the velocities with which quantities are generated & argues right about it That increase or decrease is the second fluxion of the quantity, & therefore he had not then forgotten the method of second fluxions.

[6] Much less had he forgot it in the year 1692 when at the request of Dr Wallis he sent him the explication of that Proposition in all sorts of fluxions, as you may see in the second Volume of the Doctors words pag. 391 392 & 393.

[7] a See his Letter in the Commer. p.

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