Catalogue Entry: NATP00105

The Lawes of Motion

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: MS Add. 3958.5, ff. 81r-83v, Cambridge University Library, Cambridge, UK

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[1] Of Place motion velocity & force.

[2] with what velocity a body moves severall ways at once.

[3] How two progressive motions are joyned into one.

[4] Of centers & axes of motion & the motion of those centers.

[5] Of circular motion and velocity about those axes.

[6] With what velocity a body circulates about severall axes at once.

[7] How two circular motions are joyned into one.

[8] In what cases a circulating body persevere in the same state & in what it doth not.

[9] Some names & letters defined.

[10] The Rule for Reflection

[11] The conclusion. <83r> In what method the precedent rules must be used.

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