I have been stayed from writing to you longer then I intended by reason that I could not till of late meet with a day clear enough at noon-time, to try some of the experiments herein set down. And now I have not sent you an answer so full as I intended at first but perhaps more to the purpose considering who I have to deale with, whose buisiness it is to cavill. The other buisiness you wrote to me about viz: about stocking us with fruit trees I shall be glad to promote. Some inquiry I have made about it, & within a few days, when I have got some further information & discoursed it with some that are most like to entertein the proposall, I hope to give you a further account of it. In the mean time I rest

your humble Servant

Is. Newton

Aug: 22. 1676.


For Henry Oldenburg Esq.
at his house about the middle
of the old Pal-maill in



with care.

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Received Aug. 23. 76.

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found by Stiles at the green
dragon in bishops gate on

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