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The Examination of Thomas Trott alias Carter alias Williams alias Brown taken this 1st. day of Iuly 1704.

[2]Who saith that he the said Trott has lodged by times about six month at the Lambs Inn on the back side of St Clements and was there when he was this day apprehended upon a Warrant for high Treason but knows not how those 21 Counterfeit french pistoles found upon the floor in his Lodging room (and now shewn unto him) came there, but doth own that a {bair} portmanteau <168r> trunck which was this day seized in his Roome did belong unto one mr Smith who about 10 dayes agoe took the key along with him into the Countrey. And this Examinant doth own that he had some linnen in the said trunk and he this Examinant not haveing the Key he did break it open upon Tuesday last, (and doth own that 12 Shilling in current money found in the said trunk was his) to take out the Linnen which he then wanted, he denys that he knowes any thing of the Dyes for coyning French Pistoles taken in the said Trunk. He also denys that he knew any thing of the mixture of Quicksilver in the said Trunk. This Examinant doth own that he did know one Richard Iorden a silver Smith deceived and that he hath been severall times with him in his work room in Butcher Row Temple Barr, and did there make some silver Ferrills for fishing Tackle in the said Room, And that he hath been there severall times since the decease of the said Iorden and that he hath seen the said socket and the other pieces of lead now shewn unto him in the said Room or work Garrot, but doth not know the use of them, he doth own that he doth know Mr Hen Fitzgerrald and the aforesaid Mr Smith, and hath seen the said persons in the said work room or Garrat with the aforesaid Iordan. He this Examinant doth now know how the plate Engraven, and for Counterfeiting Bank Bill come into the aforesaid Trunk now who did engrave the same.

Tho Trott


[1] Middlesex Ss.

[2] 489

[3] 489

[4] Capt. anno et die suꝑdict coram
        Is: Newton

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