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The Examination of Iohn Sutcliffe {Hogs} keeper in Woods Close in Middlesex take this 15th. day of Ianury 1700.


This Examinant saith that about 3 or 4 years agoe Ion. Crosley an Hostler in the George Inn in Southwark, told him this Examinant that there lay a bag ofLumbers in the manger and desired him to take it, & Carry it to an old house in Woods close in Clerkenwell parish, about 6 or 8 doors from this Examinants house & he should have 12 of it, and the Examinant took it out of the manger, & carried it home, & from home to the said old hose, and threw it down into the Cellar and there left it, and after wards returning to the Cellar found it gone.

And the deponent saith further that the bag aforesaid was about as big as a 40li bag of money, & that by feeling the bagg he perceived there were lumps in it, some round like money, & some long like boxes, and the Examinant suspected, they were either silver or some such sort of stuff, And the Examinant saith further that afterwards asking the said Iohn Crosley, for 12 of what was in the said bag, the said Crosley answered that he had lost it in a garden.

Iohn Sutcliffe


[1] Middlesex Ss.

[2] 303.

[3] Capt 15. Ianr. coram me
       Is Newton

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