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The Examination of Iohn Galloway of St Iames's parrish in Middlesex Corn Chandler taken this 13th. day of May 1700

He saith that An Galloway his wife did by his Order pay Last Thursday to the Order of Henry Mildenay of Twiford in the County of Southampton Esqr the summe of one hundred pounds, in 93 Guineas & a sixpence, And Whereas 'tis represented that Information has been made that above 50 of those Guineas have been deminished, & thereupon this Examinants house has been searched and amongst 183 Guineas & an halfe taken upon this Examinant 'tis represented that the greatest part of them have been deminished on the Edges and the Graining set on a new this Examinant doth say that he did receive the said Guineas on his Customers for Flower and Corn Excepting that he did at severall time receive some few of them perhaps about 20 or 30 of          Shaw who desired this Examinant to give him <126r> Silver for them pretending that the Silver was for {Gameing}, and that the said Shaw hath frequently for the last 3 months or thereabouts brought Guineas to the Examinant to be changed, which Guineas the Examinants wife or daughter alwayes weighed and found sometimes too light by 2 or 3 Guineas & if they proved ligher the Examinant refused them. And this Examinant doth further say that he did not know that any of the Guineas above mention'd were deminished

Iohn Galloway


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[2] Capt die & anno prd cora
       Is Newton

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