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The Information of Iane Biggs Widdow 11 Ianry 1699

Saith that about augt. was 12 monthes this Examinant became acquainted with one Mrs. Labree Bayly who was then a fellow prisoner with her in Newgate and that the said Labree did lye about 10 weekes with this Examinant last Summer at Mr Ludlum's in Milk ally in Dean street Soho during which time the said Labree did importune this Examinant to be concerned with her in making counterfeit money but this Examinant utterly refused to be concerned in such Illegall practises but afterwards the said Labree said that if she could make paint and washes and that if this Examinant could procure 5s to buy things for so doing that then she the said Labree and this Examinant might get a Livelyhood by making of paint and washes and that about a quarter of a year ago did take a room at a Iewe's house in Duke's place and did once or twice endeavour to make paint and washes there but some difference arising between the said Labree and this Examinant this Examinant hath not been at the said room for about 3 weekes but this Examinant doth deny that she ever had any Box at the said room in Dukes place or ever desired or demanded to take away any box from thence or employed any person to fetch any box for her from thence

Iane Biggs


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[2] Capt. Ianuary 11 1699
     Is Newton

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