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The Examination of Ann Duncomb of Liccabone Street in the parish of St. Andrews Holborn in the said County of iddlesex Spinster taken this 19th. day Sepr 1699

Who saith that one Thomas Kirke brought to this Examinant this morning four counterfeit pistols and desired her to guild them for him but this Examinant refused to guild the same but Kirk desired her to take and keep them till this noon and that then he would call for them but this forenoon one Robt. Saker and some others came to this Examinant's Lodging Room in Lucabone Street and found there in 6 counterfeit pistolls 4 of which were those which were left with her by Kirk as aforesaid but the other two this Examinant knows not how they were brought into the said room nor who made them but that she had seen them in a Drawer in the said room before this day and the said 2 Counterfeit Spanish pistols were taken this forenoon out of her pocket by a Constable as she supposes And that she hath seen the said Thomas Kirk and one Mr. Fletcher once or twice within this fortnight or 3 weeks in company with Iohn Ignatius Lawson at his Lodging room in Lucabone street aforesaid. And that one of the two Scratch brushes now produced was hers this Examinant's and the other was brought to by the said Thomas Kirk and that the leaf Gold which is now produced and which was this day found in her Lodging room aforesaid she bought the same this forenoon in order to guild over the said 4 Counterfeit Pistolls which Kirk left with her as aforesaid and that the said Thomas Kirk gave her 2s this morning to buy the same

the mark of
Ann Duncomb


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[2] Capt et
   Is Newton

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