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The Examination of Ann Pilsbury wife of Thomas Pilsbury of the parish of St. Martins in the fields in the County of Middlesex Yeoman 19 Augt. 1699

Who saith that upon Tuesday last past this Examinant mett one Iohn Douglass now in custody in Chymister's ally in the said parish of St. Martin's and he spake to this Examinant and said So Nanny I am sorry to see you so ill this Examinant replying that if he had not put her to trouble (he having caused her to be arrested and put into the Marshalsea about a month before at his suit{)} she should have been more capable to have paid him the said Douglas one shilling per week while the money she owed was paid but this Examinant said that as soon as her husband received his arreares from the King that she would then pay him all the money she owed him but Douglas said that he was now in a way to do for himself and that he would put her to no trouble nor any body else and further said that he had formerly trusted the Examinant with his secreats and if she would be ruled by him he would put her in a way that she might easily pay her Debts + maintain herself besides this Examinant asked him the said Douglass what method she could do by it or words to that effect the said Douglas replyed and said by putting off counterfeit money but this Examinant said she was affraid with any bad money but the said Douglass said that she need not be affraid for that severall people maintained themselves by putting off bad money or words to that effect and said he had but 4s of bad money about him and she bid him let her see it who accordingly gave her 8 counterfeit 6 pences wrapt up in a paper but would not let her look upon them in the street but bid her do with them as well as she could and then he would agree with her to put off Counterfeit money for him and give her a weekly Sallary or wages for so doing and bid God bless her and send her health and so parted with her but said he would call upon her some time when he came that way that she lodged And this Examinant saith that the counterfeit money six pences now produced are those which she received of Iohn Douglas as aforesaid

the mark of
Ann Pilsbury


[1] 216

[2] Capt. Augt. 19th 1699 coram
     Is Newton

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