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The Information of Anth Dann and Anthony St Leger 19 Augt. 1699

Who upon their oathes joyntly and severally say that this day upon searching the Lodging room of Thomas Pilsbury now in custody they found therein a Pott with charcoal in it and more charcole in the room a pair of Bellows and some bitts of Metall in the said Pott. That a fire had been made in the like bitts of Metall upon the floor by the said pott and they likewise found wrapt in a paper laid in the Window of the said room 2 pieces of Metal which are commonly called {Getts} or the Tops of the Metall which is poured into Flasks when they vizt false Coyners make Counterfeit money and these Informants likewise found under the bedd of the said roome spaud in a paper and these Informants doe suspect that the said Tho Pilsbury + Ann his wife are Counterfeiters of the Current Coyn of this realme

Anth St Leger     Anth Dunn


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[2] Iurat et
       Is Newton

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