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The Information of Ann Edes of Shoe Lane in St Andrews parish the wife of Samuell Edes a Seaman 16 Aprll. 1699

She saith that she did see Iohn Conyers of Swan Court in Mansfield street in Goodmans fields and Iohn Hollyday of the same Court and parish Silversmith on Fryday and Saturday was a sennight make shillings and 6 pences in imitation of the Current Mill'd Coyn of this Kingdom by casting and that on those 2 dayes they made about 40s. namely about 25s on Fryday and about 15s. on Saturday above mentioned and that Alice Partington the Maid Servant of the said Ino Conyers carryed up staires to them a pair of Bellowes and some other water and went of Errands for such things as they wanted

the mark of
Ann Edes


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[2] Iurat die et anno preedict
coram Isaac Newton

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