honoured Sir


Mr Chaloner says he hath acted nothing in opposition to Mr. Carter only in procuring 2 or 3 witnesses to give in their oathes that they say him cut the plate in pieces that made the Mault Tickets I think he sayes that Mrs. Scott is one of his evidence he likewise confirms to me that theres nothing of injenuity to be performed in Coyn or paper but he can effect with ease as soon as he can obtain his liberty is for stepping over to Holland to bite 3 or 4000 banknotes there called Lumbard bills he says that he can counterfeit any mans hand at sight + to prove it tells me that he counterfeited an order for 3ll. to {receive} in Clothes of the Mary Yatent a scotch Vessell how that the man whose hand he counterfeited will not believe but it is his own he says upon this very note Gillingham hath had a triall with two scotchmen and cast them he repair them againe not to be discerned though held against a Candle

His Sollicitor Hunt was yesterday with the {master} of the Bank who ordered him to go to Mr. Inch the Clerk + take him with him to the Recorder by Mr. Inch could not be found

Some friend of mr Chaloner was yesterday to speak with 7 of the Grand Iury to throw out the bills the Iury men he says lives in St. Iohn street

He tells me Ioanna Gillingham's daughter in Law hath the Mault Ticket plate in her custody he says that the plate was designed as a Tryall for afterwards e was to make one of a 100ll he says he told of a new way of Coyning and how they have acquainted the Secretary with it he likewise hired Holloway to go to Scotland

He tells me hath mault Tickets ready printed but he doubts they are damaged by lying wett if not I shall have some of them to shew my friend

he tells me he fears one Coomes to come against him

I have been as curious as I could to pick what I could out of mr Cha: your honour may judge of the truth of this matter by the Circumstances mentioned I am in great hopes of procuring a Mault Ticket of him if not the plate I hope your honour will accepting my service who study's to render himself

your honours most obedient servant

I Lawson


I am not certain whether I have mentioned how Mr Deacon filed only edges of 2 good shillings and edged them again with the edger that {Shaw} made this was done in the Chamber up one pair of staires at his house in Leadenhall market the file as taken out of a Drawer in the Table and seemed to have the colour of Gold Dust in it the Notes I sent to Iustice Railton was for your honour but he said he was goeing directly to you and it was a{ll}{tt} one I hope your honour will not take it ill

Ino Ignatius Lawson


[1] 192

[2] Iurat aprill the 3 1699 coram
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