<089r> [1]

Mr. Cha: said after that Ioana and Mr. Hunt had been with him that he would be sick at sessions if he saw reason or would be well if things went well Ioan lifted up her hand against him holding his shirt by the breast saying she would murther him if he confessed any thing to the Government he says there is no method of coyning so advantagious as his blancks cast and after plated with thin silver the truth of the experiment was daily manifested by buttons of Tin played over with silver which are frequently sold in shoe Lane this way he can make a 1000l per week Hickes's Guang one or other of them come every day to see him this morning Pearce the Bayliff at the Castle in the new Buildings was this evening Scott Hickes mistris and Ioanna and another woman with Hunt the solicitor who is with him every day mr Scott {illeg} the same woman that had Hickes's Edger in Keeping and lent it to Mr Cragg twice. mr. Cha: sayes that Tom moor had that edger of Hickes and how that one Pearce Clockmaker made it but says that he had a better way that he edged Shillings with all

Mrs. Coffee sends him word how she was taken up that the warden was very urgent to have her discover something of him and how that she hath said nothing but how mr Cha: nad her husband made French pistolls but nothing of the Guineas and says the Warden was very angery that she would confess noe more of him but she hath sent him word that she will get out of the way at sessions Mr Ch says she is a Bitch for he sent to her when he came first into Newgate and that she sent him word she wisht she might be damned if ever she mentioned him

He says to me that he fears one Peck a Mathematician that had Guineas of him Holloway the Turner Thomas Holloways wife and Taylor engraving Guineastamps for him

Mr. Hunt the sollicitor that was with the Warden yesterday goes to day to the Recorder and the Master of the Bank concerning his pardon. He says no way so propper as to sham himself sick as the sessions and so to throw mini prayer thus farr {a}s his Resolution. Hee was engaged with a Capt when he came into Newgate who with Mr. Abbot himself and some others were to take 2 Tunn of Copper and 8 Gallons of aqua Fortis with other matters corresponding with those aforesaid all these was to goe on board a shipp and the Capt. to find 4000l to carry on coyning

This day he sent Hunt the sollicitor to the Lord Chief Iustice the Recorder

This day he sent to Iustice Railton the Contents are as follow

In obedience to your order I have writt though unable to hold my pen I came by my pardon thus the Bank of England being cheated of a great many thousand pounds they promised me if I <090v> would discover the offender they would get my pardon which I did and had the persons pilloryed and {fined} my Lord Chief Iustice and the Recorder send to me telling me that I was {sencible} I knew many ill practises carryed on in the Mint and till I had discovered them they would distain my pardon so I proved in parliament of many parcells of False Guineas that was stampt in the Tower and severall Dyes conveyed away out of the Tower for these and other services the parliament protected me and the Instrument the Lord Chief Iustices had signed mee which was a meritorious one I got out of the Duke of Shrewsbury hand and it was pleaded At the Generall Pleas for Newgate Gillingham's Crew prop him up every day bidding him fear nothing for no one can hurt a hair of his heard.

Hunt goes this day to he master of the Bank

He likewise says in his writing to Iustice Railton that no man in the world can ever say he saw him engrave so much as one letter

Lastly he tells me that he engraved this Mault Tickett that Mr Carter have him pistolls for doing it but how many I know not and how that he hath hid it in a private place moreover adds that his Confederates hath betrayed him in this matter of hte Mault Tickets as they did of the Bank who after he had marbled and made as many BankBills that would cheque as came to 300000li + was to be put off the Thursday after before which they discovered it partly as they do now. Moreover adds that the Secretary told him if he did not deliver up the plate for the mault Tickets it should be worse for him + now if he thought would do him any service he hath it ready to produce


Ino Ignatius Lawson


[1] 184

[2] February 25 98

[3] Iurat aprill 3d. 1699 coram  Is Newton

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